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We would like to present to you a complete membership script with a separate affiliate system built in. You can start your very own profitable membership site with little technical knowledge. You can also use our script to give things away for free to generate leads or sell advertisements. Our system is robust but we'll happily take suggestions from clients to see what features they need, so don't hesitate to contact us, even if you're not a customer.

You will get all of these features for only $65.00! There is no need to pay $165 elsewhere.

Monetize your site with paid memberships or link/banner/email advertising
Unlimited membership levels with different prices
Product upsells
Separate affiliate and member accounts
Automated signup with optional Email verification
Choice of plain text, MD5 or blowfish hashed passwords
Recent login viewer.
Failed login viewer; perfect for viewing potential hackers.
Check if accounts have been accessed by different IPs and countries.
Automated account cancellation, password reset and editing
Optional emails to members/affiliates if they edit or delete their account
Additionally you can collect emails for newsletters with unlimited lists
Mass Email members, newsletter subscribers or affiliates
On site blogs that can be used to promote products
Setup email sales funnels that automatically contact potential clients on an ongoing basis
Conduct market research and customer satisfaction surveys
Free or paid memberships (member system only)
Recurring billing or one time (member system only)
Password protected downloads (member system only)
Schedule new products - Drip feed content (member system only)
Supports PayPal, E-gold and Payza
Optional Email verification of PayPal and Payza addresses if they are different than the account Email
User online statistics
Advertising campaign tracking for affiliates, members and the site administrator.
Ability to split traffic between campaigns/landing pages, see what gets the best results
Password protected administration area with the ability to have sub admins.
Written in PHP and MySQL

Your server must have PHP, cron jobs and MySQL installed, your server must also have ionCube. If you do not meet these requirements, we can host it for you for $12.00 per month. If you host your site with us the first month will be free!


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More information

We provide a membership platform for businesses. Our solution will work for free or paid membership sites. Our system is designed to be easy and secure.

Members can signup, reset their password, edit their details and delete their account. You can choose to verify Email addresses before members can login by sending a link to their Email address that they must click on. Our system provides members of your site with a username and password to login to the member area.

You will get a secure membership system

As far as security you can choose to hash passwords so they won't appear as plain text in your database. Our system can offer a two factor login process so people can choose to be Emailed before they have access to their account. You can additionally enable members to answer questions before they have access to their account.

You are able to see if people are giving away their login details by viewing accounts that have been access by multiple IP addresses. If the IP addresses are too different it's possible that the account is letting other people access their member area. If that is against the terms and conditions of your site you can use the information that you are given to remove many of the members that are revealing their login information to others.

Features for paid membership sites

Multiple levels of paid memberships are supported but if you prefer to keep things simple you can just have the one payment plan. Each membership type can be permanent or last for a certain number of days.

Recurring billing is supported. The system keeps track of memberships that accounts have purchased in the past and can downgrade accounts accordingly if an upgrade expires. Members can be automatically Emailed when their membership expires to give them an opportunity to purchase from your site again.

Payments to your site can be automatically processed through PayPal or Payza so your site can bring in revenue around the clock. Email addresses of people paying with PayPal or Payza can be verified if they are not already in the system but this capability can also be turned off. Other payment methods can also be accepted if you are willing to manually process them; including from other credit card processors and crypto currencies.

Monetize your base in other ways

For free memberships you can display advertising to the members and utilize Email to build a list to market products and services too. We also offer a newsletter system which means people don't have to have a login to your site in order to get your Emails. You can schedule Emails so they can be delivered to your members and subscribers at any time.

If your website offers advertising you can have a separate section where advertisers can login and view their statistics, if members order advertising they can view statistics in their member area. Pricing for each advertising package can be set in your administration area and advertising can be in form of banners, plain text links and Emails to your members/subscribers. Different forms are available for people to enter the information for their advertising.

Different sets of newsletter subscribers can be maintained and when people first subscribe you can send them a number of Emails over a certain number of days. This practice is commonly referred to as a sales funnel. People subscribe, you send out Emails and a percentage will buy in the end. Different sales funnels can be maintained if testing is important to you.

Many sites are putting the form to get the visitor's Email address over the top of the page that they are viewing. This tactic is compatible with our system if you want to use it. The form can also be within your regular content too.

You can also sell products that your members can purchase separate from their membership. Selling separate products and offering multiple levels of paid memberships are fantastic ways to offer upsells. This gives you the opportunity to increase the potential profits from your site.

Offer downloads and videos to your members

Exclusive downloads can be offered to different membership types. You can schedule products to be inserted to the member area automatically ie "drip feed".content so you can offer fresh content to your members even if you go on holiday. Scheduling products can also be useful if you prefer to work in one block of time but want to distribute them out over a certain period.

Audio, video and images can be added to your membership area. Members can also download files to their computer. Our system is flexible so it can be used to deliver many different types of products; from video to software packages.

If your membership area has lots of pictures and video your visitors can have public previews of the content. This feature can be used to show how great the content in your member area is so visitors turn into customers more rapidly.

Have people sell for you

Our system has affiliate functions built in so if you want you can distribute payments to people and companies who bring you sales. You can maintain a separate database of affiliates and/or offer affiliate abilities within your member area. Our system can show you where your affiliates are getting their traffic from and show you the top performing affiliates over a certain period of time.

All information that is necessary to pay affiliates can be collected; affiliates can enter their information on your site. They can choose how they want to be paid from a list of payment methods that you make available. You can define what information you collect for each payment method.

Depending on the payment method you can pay affiliates within your administration area or download a mass payment file to use at payment websites such as PayPal. If you are paying affiliates manually you can view the payment information for the each affiliate.

You can distribute media packs and video to your affiliates to assist them in bringing in sales. Some membership sites maintain an affiliate newsletter and Email them ongoing content. They can view all available content by logging in to their affiliate area.

Advanced campaign tracking

All affiliate enabled accounts plus the administration can create and track different campaigns. This can be used to see exactly where sales are coming from People can see the number of members/affiliates that the campaign has referred, the number of hits and the sales revenue sales for each campaign.

The administrator can also see the estimated amount of profit and number of subscribers resulting from the campaign. Administrators have the ability to split pages between campaigns which can be useful for testing the pages that get you more sales.

Each campaign has an unique URL that is used to track these things. The system uses cookies so if a visitor goes away and comes back at a later date it will register that visitor as being from the last campaign that was clicked on.

The administration has the ability to add customer landing pages for campaigns; you can create a bunch of them and monitor the pages with the best conversion rate. Split campaigns can also be added so you can split traffic been multiple landing pages to assess your top performers.

The landing page feature can be used to create any type of page. For example if you want to create content specifically optimized for the search engines and don't want it as a part of your regular blog you can create and link to a landing page instead.

Easily maintain your site

In the administration area you can view, edit and delete members. You can also change the majority of settings and add content from this interface.

The administration area also has two factor login abilities and you can enable questions to be asked after administrators enter their login information for added security. Additional administrators can be added and you can confine them to certain pages of your administration area. All administration pages have documentation so you will know what the pages do but if you have questions you can Email us.

Being able to have multiple administrators is useful if the number of your site members grows so that you can't manage them anymore. This feature can be used if you go on vacation and feel that you need someone to manage your site.

All pages can be edited on your site which means you can add a beautiful template to make it look good to visitors. Links to social media links can be added which allows you to constantly promote your pages on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

A blog for your site

You can also maintain a blog with our system to build traffic and subscribers. You can use this to blog about different areas of your niche; if they are comprehensive enough they may appear on search engines such as Google which will give you organic traffic. Your blog can also be used to publish news about your website and drive traffic to offers.

Blog posts also have social media links so visitors can easily share them. You may want to remind them to do this at the end of your posts.

Visitors can post comments and you can choose to approve them or have them appear instantly. Replies on comments are possible and this can be helpful for keeping comments organized, this feature can be disabled if you just want a straight line of comments.

You may want to create blog posts that people want to share on social media. If you post them on your own social media sites your blog posts may be shared over and over which can raise the awareness of your brand.

Additionally if you want members to be able to post blogs themselves please contact us to purchase this functionality separately.

Get feedback and enquiries

We also provide a survey feature which can be used to gather information from your visitors. This can be used to measure customer satisfaction, get valuable feedback or even conduct other types of surveys. If you survey your members occasionally they feel like you are listening to them and the information could be used to help you give your target audience more of what they crave which could result in more members.

A contact form will be provided so your visitors and members can contact you. If you want to use a helpdesk system instead the link to the ticket submission form can be added to your site. You can use our helpdesk scripts that you can purchase on

Ready to get started?

As you can see we have the software for you to run your own membership website and also provide the tools for you to promote it.

Membership sites can be scalable. You can earn ongoing income if you provide value to your members. Of course you need a product or service first but this is a serious business opportunity.

What are you waiting for? Order our superior membership system today and get started building or improving your site.

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